“I’m fascinated by how far people can go”

Soorena is real, honest and authentic.  His aim is to provide you with a framework for understanding and relating to life that is truly beneficial. Meaning that by using the ways of thinking that he offers, you will experience continuous and never-ending  improvement in the following areas of your life:

  1. Your relationships (Intimate, kids, parents, siblings, relatives, work colleagues, bosses, customers,  and even strangers on the street)
  2. Your personal health and state (the health of your body as well as how it really feels like to be you in any instance)
  3. Your finances (your buying power)
  4. Your adventures (the stuff you do that your heart wants to do that make life worth living)
  5. Your contributions (Like his mom has told him, “life is hard enough as it is, we should try to make things easier for one another“.)

When these improvements begin and continue to take place in your life for a lasting period of time (3+ years), then Soorena will have fulfilled his purpose.

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