3 Powerful Questions to ask Yourself, Every Morning, in the Shower

This is from the book High Performance Habits by Brendon Burchard.

Alright, these three questions are intended to prime your mind for excitement and joy, prepared confidence, and kindness and appreciation.

1. What can I be excited about today?

Anticipating joyous events is just as powerful of an experience in releasing hormones such as dopamine, as the actual positive event itself. So, there are invisible opportunities for joy right there, in front of you — or rather, right here, within you.

If you can’t think of anything, rephrase the question as: “Well, what could I make up or do today that I could get excited about?

2. What or who might trip me up or cause stress, and how can I respond in a positive way, from my highest self?

This actually helps. Practicing how you’d like to respond to a stressful situation that might come up in your day rewires your brain to actually respond that way in real life. Leading to an authentic¬†preparedness and genuine confidence for your day. I’ve personally found this to be very challenging, which clearly indicates that it’s an area I need great practice in.

The author recommends talking to yourself in the second-person…out-loud. As in, instead of thinking: “What might trip me up today?“, I’d ask out-loud: “Hey Soorena, anything you’re slightly anxious about that’s coming up in your day?” He says this practice provides perspective. He calls it self-coaching.

3. Who can I surprise today with a thank-you, a gift, or a moment of appreciation?

It’s important to practice anticipating positive outcomes coming about directly because of your actions. Heartfelt, positive emotions, directly connected to your social circle, directly as a result of your actions. This sends powerful signals to your psyche and nervous system.


As I’ve heard Tony Robbins say: “the quality of your life is a reflection of the quality of questions you ask“, and these are high-quality questions that’ll prime you up for a high-quality day and a high-quality life, so put them to practice every day for the next three weeks that you take a shower, then if these are as powerful as the author suggests, you’ll definitely know it for yourself.

This might just make my morning showers the most powerful priming time of my day.


A man is defined by the purpose he gives himself, and therefore, I am the possibility of an Authentically Happy Humanity.

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