How to Lead with Joy (6 Practices)

This is from Brendon Buchard’s book, High Performance Habits, habit two: Generate Energy, practice two: Bring the Joy.

This is going to be the most key set of practices in my life. I need to rewire my brain for these. It’s to be treated with the utmost importance. These are non-optional, they’re not even preferred, they’re necessary. If these practices are NOT cultivated, then my dream will not come to fruition. If these practices ARE cultivated, then my dreams have a real chance.

Practice 1: Prime Emotions in Advance of events.

Ie. Intentionally create my vibrational future. Think about how I want to feel. Ask myself questions. Use visualizations. To be done in advance of big events or in advance of the day in general.

Practice 2: Anticipate Positive Outcomes from my Actions

Ie. I believe my actions will be rewarded. I’m optimistic about it.

Practice 3: Get Geared for Grace

Ie. I imagine possible stressful situations and how my best self would gracefully handle it. I prep myself for the bumps in the road.

Practice 4: Fill it with Fun

Ie. I seek to insert appreciation, surprise, wonder, and challenge into my day.

Practice 5: Be a ‘Conscious Goodness Spreader’

Ie. Steer social interactions towards positive emotions and experiences.

Practice 6: Gratitude Goal

Ie. I regularly reflect on all that I’m grateful for.

Hero, you do those, and you’ll be on fire and rocketing towards your dreams. To empower you in doing that, here’s a powerful bonus practice:

Practice 7: Tap into Transitions!

Ie. Use the moments of transition from one activity to the next as a habit-loop trigger to RELEASE TENSIONS (physical and mental) of the past activity and SET INTENTION for the upcoming activity.


A man is defined by the purpose he gives himself, and therefore, I am the possibility of an Authentically Happy Humanity.

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