I’m writing this as if you’re someone who might be able to help me on my path.

Hi, my name’s Soorena TV Sedighi, and my mission is to accelerate our emotional evolution so that we can become an authentically happy humanity. The way I intend to do this is by leveraging:

  1. my passion for people and filmmaking to build a community of mission-aligned individuals,
  2. the power of that community to build physical centers where psychedelic trips are skillfully guided,
  3. the wisdom earned from facilitating those trips to create training courses for future trip guides,
  4. the network of guides, trippers and the psychedelic community to build the Uber of Trip Sitting,
  5. the pace and scale of transformation taking place to grow, synthesize and ship medicines to the countries that have legalized it up until then.

When it’s done, humanity will become a warmer and wiser species.

If you have a skill, resource or a contact that can help with any stage of that process and you want to contribute, email me at SoorenaTV@gmail.com.

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