“I believe it’s possible to culturally popularize making a consciousness shift and actually make it a profitable and replicable business that truly serves it’s immediate and global community”

This is a long-term goal but we’re going to block and tackle and make progress towards it on a weekly basis. The fundamental areas where I’ll be focusing on are:

1) Building Credibility

I need to become someone who’s regarded as capable by others as well as by myself as someone who can actually lead this entrepreneurial mission. Taking care of my family while growing my YouTube channel beyond the 100K mark will act as the primary means of becoming incredibly credible.

2) Acquiring Skills & Knowledge 

There are three primary skillsets and areas of knowledge. One, technical knowledge of the psychology and biology that will come into play as a consciousness shift is being made. Two, the very practice of living with a higher level of consciousness and the work that it entails. Three, the business side of all this. Books, podcasts and practice will be my methods of developing my knowledge and skills.

3) Network 

I need to have an army of specialized people in all the right places that can open the right doors at the right times. I know there are vast amounts of knowledge that I don’t know that I don’t know. I’ll need to connect with the right people and call on them for help in areas where I’d otherwise be stuck in. Creating my own podcast where I bring on these people on as guests and going to specialized events will be my primary means of acquiring this network.

“Running a centre that facilitates psychedelic explorations excites the crap out of me.”

This feels like one of those artworks I begin that feels like it’ll take me forever to complete, but, week-by-week, I inch closer towards completion, and I actually, eventually make it. And believing that I will actually make it to finish line of running a centre that facilitates psychedelic explorations excites the crap out of me.