‘4 Smiles’

๐ŸŒฑOrigin Story

While working in an organic grocery store, I felt sad and alone. I had thought working in a health-oriented store would mean that I’d be surrounded by joyous people who are overflowing with vitality. But the owners of the place seemed to not be in love with the work themselves— their heart was just not in it— so they had created a sad and stressed culture.

One day, in the warehouse in the back, on the side of a box on a shelf, I saw that someone had drawn a smiley face. This made me smile. Then, I thought: “I’ll draw one of my own”. So, I did. On the unfinished downstairs wall, by the warehouse elevator, where everyone would scribble funny notes and doodles.

When I drew my smiley face, I liked it, but somehow, I felt like on its own, it was only a part of the picture. So, intuitively, I completed my design by mirroring the smile upwards and side-to-side too, and there and then was when the 4 Smiles logo was born.

๐Ÿ”ฅ Design Meaning

Visual – More Than Meets the Eye

Do you see how the 4 smiley faces share eyes? That symbolizes the truth that your smile (your attunement with your own joy) contributes to the smile (joy) of others. And of course, the flipside of that is true as well; that if you want to have the most holistic smile possible, you can’t just think of yourself alone. You must focus on the all; because we are all inextricably linked. Your smile is my smile and my smile is yours too.

Auditory – All About the Wordplay

Four Smiles sounds a lot like “For Smiles“. Which is the answer that resonates most, when I ask myself the question: “What do you do all of this for?


๐Ÿ’— The 4 Smiles Way

The primary question I’m answering for myself is: “How can I help people feel better?

That is a multi-faceted question. And it’s one that has no “one” answer. Every moment calls for a uniquely and subtly different approach. That’s why it’s a prerequisite to Be Present. To be sensing what is needed now, and also, what is possible now. To move forward without force. To do more with less. To flow with the way of least resistance and embody the most soulful excitement.

This path is first and foremost a way of being. Available for anyone and everyone from all walks of life. Open to all ages, all genders, all sexual preferences, and all religious and political standings.

Because, this is a path of being you, the true you, and being that you to your fullest potential. This is a path of acceptance of All That Is… all that is within you, and all that is without you too. This is a path of thinking, feeling and acting in alignment with what’s true in your heart.

Put simply, this is a path of beingย in love with the present moment, whatever the present moment might be.